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the bae doing yoga

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People who jogged or ran for as little as five minutes a day reduced their risk of premature death by nearly one-third and extended their lives by about three years, according to a new study.

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Where have you guys traveled to? Where would you like to travel to? I wanna know

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no excuses

i wanted to write a little follow up to my pervious post. if you read it you know that i mentioned medical conditions are no excuse for being overweight and not working out. i say this because i truly believe it, let me explain why. if you read even later in my blog you know that i had a procedure done last summer that caused me to gain a bunch of weight, allow me to explain what happened. i ended up in the er and found out i have two cyst, one in my liver and one somewhere in my pelvic area. they are both huge cyst, like really really huge, so much so that i got admitted to the hospital and my team of doctors, yes i had a team, got really worried and finally decided that they needed to be drained. i ended up getting only the liver cyst drained. because of the drain i couldn’t do any exercise, like i had been doing, for the entire time it was in (which was almost 4 months) and gained a bunch of weight. despite being back in the gym immediately after that thing was finally pulled out i couldn’t seem to get my damn stomach to go down, and you guessed it’s because of the damn cyst, my arms have toned up, my legs have too, and it seems my back fat has shrunk, but my damn stomach will not. add to this the fact that i’m anemic and that i have no energy what so ever and working out causes me to be drained and come home and go straight to bed and you’d think that i would have every excuse not to go to the gym, but i’m there almost everyday sweating my ass off because i refuse to be overweight. so if i can do it, so can you. if you have a medical condition that causes you to gain weight that should be even more motivation to go the gym so that you can keep the weight off. 


pet peeves

I try not to vocie my opinions on here and stay objective unless i’m doing a review of something but there’s some things I’m seeing all over the internet that just bug me and I need to rant about, so please feel free to ignore this post.

#1 fit people that feel the need to put everyone who doesn’t lift or workout super hard, or overweight who are actually trying to exercise down. Who are you to judge? Anyone who is out there working out and trying to get in shape and be healthyis awesome

#2 plus size girls who call themselves curvy. Girl you are not curvy you are, i hate to say it, fat! Your rolls are not curves! You are using the word wrong, curvy is used to describe a girl or woman that has a well defined waist because she has boobs and hips that make it stand out, for example beyonce is curvy. Basically if you’re pear shaped or have and hourglass figure, you are curvy.

#3 overweight weight girls that swear you can be morbidly obese and healthy. While you may not have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Eventually it will take a toll on your body, on your joints specifically.

#4 people making excuses for not working out and being overweight. Oh but I have a medical condition that makes me fat, or i can’t afford to go to the gym. Ugh seriously if you want to get in shape you will do it! A medical condition is not an excuse for being fat and you don’t have to go to the gym to workout, workout at home, go running, go hiking, go buy some inexpensive resistence tubes. 

#5 people saying it’s ok to be fat (you know those body acceptance girls) and even posting pics of themselves in bikinis and their underwear. i get it, i get that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, feel beautiful and never let anyone put them down no matter what their size, afterall we are all people, we are all the same, we all deserve respect, and no one should ever feel the need to go and purge or develop an eating disorder because some punk is making them feel bad. however i’m sorry but you do not have to accept being overweight, love your body but love it enough to take care of it. in regards to posting pics in bikinis and whatnot, sorry again but no one wants to to see all you fat and rolls, gross! just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it 


Lifiting is Good For You

Research suggest that women who strength train at least an hour a week reduce their chances of developing type 2 diabetes by 28%. So ladies go out their and lift, do some push ups, plank, and for my fellow yogis do that ansa we all hate so much aka chaturanga


The Adam Levine Collection Spring/Summer ‘14

Coachella, Lollapolloza, Riot Fest, these are the things that come to mind when I think of the Adam Levine Collection for Women. Bralettes, croptops, tops with cutouts, boho dresses, aztec prints and bright colred shorts, all staples of festival clothing which leads me to believe that Behati had a huge influence on it. While the collection is largely festival clothing, and targeted at girls shopping in the junior’s section, I believe that there is something dor everyone. The collection features some very cute tops and skirts that almost every girl will like, and who doesn’t love a pair of comfy jeans? So while the majority of the collection is boho chic, it is worth taking a look at. 


my boys are so silly

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Never Give Up

Down 8lbs 32 to go to reach my first weightloss goal. It’s not a lot but considering I had plateaued for a long time I’m happy. Plus my clothes is starting to fit better. It still sucks that I have clothes in my closet that I fit into perfectly last year and worked my butt off to get into, but I’ll fit into them again soon!



I know that a lot of Tumblr-girls have an enormous passion for posting photos of hot women. I think you like em more than guys do.. And if that´s your way of getting motivation, then knock yourself out…

But on the other hand, when theese girls claim to be promoting a “healthy lifestyle” but keep…